August 19th 2022


With the advancements made in technology today having a multifunctional wireless printer at home is necessary! With modern technology today, the multifunctional printers on the market not only print basic documents but can also print high-quality graphics, professional-looking photos and connect to the cloud. Still not convinced? Here are some the many benefits of owning your very own printer at home!

Saves you money

The money you spend over the years on printing can be saved when you print your documents at home. Using printing services can be twice as expensive as printing at home. By purchasing a multifunctional home printer, you pay the initial cost of the printer and therefore after you only need to pay for ink cartridges and paper when needed.

Saves power

One of the main constant expenses for running several devices is the amount of energy needed to power all of them. Multifunction printers consume dramatically less electricity as it does the job of multiple devices while using the energy needed for one.


Owning a multifunctional printer at home makes your life easier! Not only do you have all the necessary devices in one, but you also have them available at the touch of a button in your home. Having your own printer allows you to meet all your deadlines with no hassle and no extra costs!

Wireless/mobile connectivity

Most modern-day printers allow you to print off any device wirelessly. This means you can print your documents anywhere and they’ll be there waiting for you at home!

Saves space

Having a multifunctional printer is great for those with not much office space at home. Having an all-in-one device allows you to use the functions of many devices while taking up the space of only one.

Easy to use

One of the biggest advantages of a multifunctional printer is how easy it is to use! Both adults and children can work them for their daily needs. A common misconception people make in regard to multifunctional printers is that they are complicated to use but that that is not the case.

So why not make your life easier and invest in a multifunctional printer for your home office or for family use. By purchasing a multifunctional printer, you are not only saving time, space and money but you are contributing to helping our environment by saving energy.

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By Sophia Lifely, Our Summer Student