February 1st 2024 


Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Umango, a comprehensive software solution. Their advanced software suite encompasses document scanning, data extraction, file conversion, and imaging, offering a seamless experience for businesses, education institutions, government entities, realtors, and occupational health and safety organizations.

Umango Convert – Streamlined Document Conversion Made Effortless

Experience the precision of Umango Convert, a feature-rich solution that excels in document separation, image filtering, and routing for a diverse range of file types. This powerful tool allows for easy configuration and seamless document conversion and routing across your network.

Whether you're dealing with electronic files or scanned paperwork, Umango Convert provides flexible options. Utilize Umango separator sheets for scanning large volumes of documents in a single scan, and effortlessly route the converted documents to email addresses, network folders, FTP, or document management systems like SharePoint.

Transform your document workflow with Umango Convert, a perfect complement to your photocopier or scanner, offloading heavy lifting to a centralized document conversion solution. Experience quicker and more accurate access to the documents you need.

Umango Extract – Intelligent Data Extraction and Routing

Unlock the potential of Umango Extract, a robust bulk document scanning and indexing application designed for smart data extraction. If your documents are pre-printed with information to extract, Umango Extract is the ideal solution.

With Umango Extract, benefit from smart seek technology, 1D and 2D barcode reads, in-process look-ups, and a list of values function, enhancing the speed and accuracy of data extraction. Umango Extract empowers your business to work efficiently, productively, and swiftly, with features that improve accuracy and visibility.

Umango goes beyond traditional solutions, offering mobility solutions for document and data capture on tablets and mobile phones. Their dedicated team continually updates their software programs to ensure they remain cutting-edge and tailored to your evolving needs.

As an authorized solution center, PrinterWorks West is committed to providing tailored solutions and unparalleled support. Partner with us to unlock the full benefits of Umango. For more information about Umango Convert and Extract, contact PrinterWorks West at (403) 252-6543 or email us at [email protected].

Don't miss our upcoming webinar on February 2nd for an in-depth exploration of Umango's transformative capabilities. Contact PrinterWorks West for more details here.

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