Sunday, 01 March 2020

The Smartest Way to Organize Your Paper Products

Paper jams are super irritating. Especially when you’re in a rush to get something printed. Making sure your printer paper is stored correctly will help make this less of an issue for you and your Calgary business. Knowing how to store your paper may seem obvious but these simple tips will make sure you are keeping your paper in great shape!

Keep paper off the floor

If you make sure your paper is hoisted off the ground on a desk, shelf, or pallet you minimize the damage that can occur from keeping it on the ground. If you keep it off the ground it’a less likely somebody will kick it accidentally as they walk by or spill their precious coffee all over it.

Flat surfaces are best

If you keep paper on a flat surface you ensure it won’t lose its shape. Having it hang off an edge of a table or on a surface with a bend will cause the paper to curl. Uneven paper is not going to feed into the printer the same way. Which can lead to jams!

No humidity

Storing your paper in a humid area is probably not the best idea. Any dampness to your paper will cause it to curl or hinder its printing ability. Inks and toners don’t adhere to damp paper so it’s important to keep it stored somewhere cool and dry.

Coated paper

If you have coated paper (such as glossy paper) it’s best to keep it sealed in a covered box. Coated paper is a little more sensitive to the elements so keeping it sealed will help prevent any problems.

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