December 3rd 2021

Therefore ONLINE

Are you wanting to Instantly access all the information in your organization from the cloud?

Information is one of your organization’s most valuable assets, but unfortunately, as your organization grows, so does your volume of information. This can quickly become cumbersome if neglected. With employees applying their own disparate filing methods, combined with the ever-increasing volume, your ability to find the information you need, when you need it, is jeopardized.

Without instant access to information, your employees waste valuable time searching for documents they know exist but cannot find, ultimately leading to inefficiencies company wide. Moreover, business decisions suffer due to the inability to obtain needed information quickly.

With ThereforeTM Online information management solution, you can revolutionize the way information is utilized throughout your organization. ThereforeTM Online instantly provides your employees with the ability to capture, archive, retrieve, edit, and process documents and data quickly, efficiently, and securely, helping to enhance productivity and reduce costs. A highly attractive option for many organizations, ThereforeTM Online provides all the same robust functionality of the ThereforeTM Enterprise Edition, including the powerful Workflow capabilities. The key difference is where it’s hosted—in the cloud. ThereforeTM Online is offered as an annual subscription, providing customers with an easy and affordable method of managing their information. This is ideal for organizations that prefer not to invest in their own IT infrastructure nor endure the perpetual costs of managing and maintaining one. With ThereforeTM Online, all your information, regardless of format, is remotely stored in the cloud by a hosting data centre.

With all your information securely stored and appropriately indexed within ThereforeTM Online, retrieving the data you need—when you need it—is easy. The ThereforeTM Navigator enables you to easily find your information. Simply perform a full-text search just as you would in your favourite search engine, or use the user-defined index data associated with the document you’re seeking, for more precise search results.

The flexibility of the Navigator allows you to search using the method most convenient for you. ThereforeTM information solutions help

companies all around the world to work smarter by connecting people and processes to information.

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