Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Tips For Saving Ink

It can seem at times that your precious ink has a very small life span. This doesn’t have to be the case. With a few tips and tricks, you can save money in your Edmonton business by prolonging the use of your ink cartridges.

Use less hard copies

This probably seems like a given but you’d be surprised at how much unnecessary printing goes on. A lot of the hard copies are simply not necessary and can be easily supplemented with a digital copy. Next time you go to print, ask yourself if you really need a physical copy.

Use what you actually need

If you must print a document it’s best to make sure there’s no wasted ink being used. Some documents have graphics or coloured portions that are merely for aesthetic purposes. If they aren’t needed, get rid of them in the document before printing.

Use black ink

Fun fact, if you’re not printing in black and white, your coloured ink will be utilized to make black. This is wasteful, especially when you can simply select the option to print in black and white. Most printers have an option called ‘grayscale’ which does the trick. Doing so will help you save your coloured ink for when you actually need it!

Use every last drop

A warning sign will usually pop up saying your ink is running low. This doesn’t mean it’s empty and you can usually get a couple more documents printed before its toast. If you want you can check the cartridge manually to see if there’s ink left. Just give it a shake to see if it’s still useable.

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