2nd February 2021

Top tips when choosing if it is the right time to buy an MFP

In many offices, Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) are often considered the heart. Nowadays, there is a lot more to do with a printer than the actual printing. There are numerous functionalities like document retrieval, data sharing and digital capture. With the technology world constantly changing it is necessary to protect your data with the correct security precautions. When choosing a MFP device, it is not like choosing any old printer, there is a lot to consider. Some valid points you need to consider are as follows:


A major problem facing organizations today is security. Document-intensive industries or services like law, municipal and accounting. Finding an MFP that comes with inherent security features and encryption out of the box only exists in a chosen few. At the end of your agreement are the measures being taken to ensure your companies' confidential information is not exposed.


Did you know that colour increases the attention span of any reader? Experts have stated it can increase the reader's attention span and recollection of up to 82%. Colour adds to a document not only the visual aspect, but it emphasises the statistics and information and is said to be able to strengthen the points you wish to get across. When it comes to choosing your MFP device colour should be taken into consideration first.

Mobile Printing

35% of mobile phone and tablet users would rather print from their device than use a laptop or desktop. Many of them get frustrated as they either do not know that this is an option with MFP, or they simply just do not know how to. Whether you are printing an email, a boarding pass, or a simple power point presentation it is important that this 35% of users can print on the go. Many of HP’s Multi-Function Printers make it extremely easy for the 35% of users to print via mobile or tablet with no extra cost!

Easy-to-use functionality

It makes everyone’s life easier when clients and employees can use every function of the MFP, stress-free. In the end what is the point of having all these amazing functionalities if no one knows how to use them! HP MFP’s are very easy to navigate and PrinterWorks West team of qualified technicians are always a phone call away.

Get caught speeding!

Research shows that users can spend up to 50 hours per month waiting for a photocopier to warm up! That is right 50 hours per month, why would you want to waste so much time on something that can be easily prevented! HP MFP’s will warm up in no time and can easily slash that time in half if not more!

Toner stock management

No one wants to make printers anymore complicated than they can be. With some companies having multiple types of printers, MFPs or photocopiers they would stock several types of toner. If you choose to use one type of MFP device this decreases stress and allows you to just stock one type of toner cartridge for each colour. Let professionals monitor your consumable levels and deliver toner before you even know you need it!

Thinking about updating your MFP devices? Is your lease coming up or are you looking to move to a company who cares? Yes! Contact our team today. We will work with you to find the best and most cost-effective device for you!

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