Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Top 4 Ink-Saving Tips For Every Computer User

One of the downsides of having a computer printer is that you have to purchase ink cartridges regularly. If you hate replacing your ink cartridges frequently, you might be interested to know these tips on how to save ink:

• Turn off printers the right way – Do not simply press the power button when you are not using it anymore. If you do that, the print heads might not be placed in their correct positions. If the print heads will not be placed in the correct positions, the ink will definitely dry up faster than expected.

• Make use of your print cartridges regularly – In order to prevent the ink from drying up, do not let your printer sit all week without printing any document. Try to print a few documents every once in a while so that your print cartridges will be kept alive.

• Proofread before printing – Try to proofread your document before printing it. This is so that you can detect errors right away. You would not want to waste ink and paper by reprinting a document after you have spotted errors in your first output.

• Choose what you print - Try to organize your document before printing it. Delete the text and pictures that you do not really need to see.