Tuesday, 07 October 2014

Top Laser Printers To Buy In 2014 - Top Models For Your Considerations

There are so many types of printers available in the gadget industry nowadays. Laser printers are the trending type of printers which help you out in the long run. These laser printers do not incur long term costs of inkjets so you can safely trust this type of printers. Although probably a decade ago, laser inkjets were not as popular as now and were not seen to be as good, advancements in technology have really modified these printers to become one of the best in the market.

There are a variety of color laser printers available in the market and each type differs depending on the needs of the buyer. Here, we are going to present to you the best laser printers of the year of 2014, and let you have your pick on which would be most suitable for you, after reading their descriptions and specifications.

Brother Printer HL3170CDW Wireless Color Printer

This piece of laser printer from Brother is created for business. It is made for the high demands in businesses which have enormous quantities to print sometimes. This laser printer comes with a great printing speed of 23 pages per minute, with a paper tray of capacity of 250 sheets. This paper tray can be adjusted for letter or legal sizes as well! It automatically picks up and prints double sided documents. It also has a variety of other services like mobile device printing via the help of Brother iPrintandScan, WiFi Direct, Google Could Print or AirPrint. This would be a suitable buy for those looking for a printing companion in the office where a large amount of print outs are churned out everyday.

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Color Printer

This type of laser printer is both amazing for home and office purposes. This HP LaserJet Pro printer has a built in Ethernet facility that helps you print from anywhere, be it your home or office. This convenience does not translate to compromise in quality as the quality of photographs, graphics, any images as well as text printed is incredible. This is made possible with Hp EasyColor technology which, as the name mentions, makes it easy to print color!

AirPrint can be connected to this printer as well so that documents and images can be printed directly from an iPad without having to transfer through a computer or an email. AirPrint also allows you to print out from other Apple devices like iPhone and iPod Touch. This HP LaserJet Pro series printer also keeps installation and set up very easy and user friendly. Moreover, you can go green with HP LaserJet Pro as it saves energy with the Instant-On technology for printing jobs which require a fast output, only available when required.

Samsung Xpress Color Printer

This is a new printer from the brand Samsung. In this new product of the series, Samsung has joined color photograph processing abilities with polymerized toner to give you crisp, sharp and gorgeous images of great color and also text and other graphics with incredible precision. This modern day technology can result in you printing out very professional, neat looking and impressive documents right from your home or office, rather than seeking a printing supplier for it!

This printer allows you to connect to various other sources to enable printing directly too. With Samsung Xpress Color Printer, you can connect directly from your smart devices, be it iPhone, iPad or Android devices, and even Windows Phone, as long as they have the Samsung MobilePrint app. Without even accessing a computer to be the middle man, feel free to print web pages, photographs, Google Docs, MS Word documents and PDF just with a touch of your smart device screen.

HP LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP

This small HP printer steals the show by being so compact, yet packed full of abilities and other creative specifications! This HP LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP is HP’s smallest colour laser printer which is also an all-in-one printer. Best things indeed come in small packages so enjoy this printer’s fun pack sized benefits! HP LaserJet Pro 100 comes with ePrint enabled, and as the name suggests, you can print it online with any smart phone or smart device with a touch of your finger.

This printer also has other great and useful features which aid in daily life like automatic copy optimisation. This means that the quality of any copies that are made with graphics or photographs and even text, are automatically improved to the best quality right away. This HP LaserJet Pro 100 even comes with a small LCD screen that helps you communicate with your printer. What is next? It even has a built in wired technology that networks so you can share the documents you scan in or print with other people directly!