Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Top Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Printing Menus For Your Restaurant This Christmas

Christmas is approaching fast and as this season comes, more and more people are trying to doll up their homes and put up those Christmas decors out once again. Changing some of the usual stuff we see daily in preparation for Christmas though is not just a mere concern of homeowners but business owners as well. In fact, restaurateurs are also considering sprucing up their establishments and are currently thinking of great ways to market their products to their existing clients and prospects alike.

One of the basic things that restaurant owners are thinking of changing this Christmas season is their menus. They surely want to add some colours to it and make it more "Christmassy" to attract more clients to take a look at the list of food they are offering. This will mean printing another set of menu and as a result would also mean cost on their part. If you are a restaurant owner and are thinking of printing new menus for the holidays, here is how you can reduce much on printing cost.

Design your menus before sending them out to a commercial printing company

How can that save you money? Well, consider asking someone else to design that menu for you. The cost of designing will certainly be added to your printing cost later on. You can simply make a design using different design software options available to you. You can even experiment on the colour mixes you want for the printout. You can just simply set-up your Microsoft Publisher or even Microsoft Publisher and from there you can start doing the job. You can ask an employee's help just in case you are not that too keen with designing your menus on your own.

Make a draft and do not print out your initial design right away

You can actually have fun making your own designs. Your first step is to lay it out on paper. If you want to save cost on supplies, you can recycle papers that you see inside your drawers and from there you can start your draft. Consult Mr. Google for images that will look good on your menu. Perhaps, scattering some images of snowflakes here and there would be good. Just make sure they work well with the font you will choose later on. If your restaurant also offers delicious food that kids will love then you can simply add candy canes, angels, snowman and all other characters and things that kids love during Christmas.

Decide on how the menu will be printed

Decide whether the menu is going to be printed like a brochure where one page would mean 1/3 of an A4-sized or long-sized paper. When you are satisfied with what you see on the layout then you can ask someone to double-check the design and see if it suits his or her taste. You need someone to approve your design (even if you’re the boss) just to make sure you are not missing on something else. If you are thinking of sending off the design to a commercial printing company, you can print your design on recycled paper. It can also be more cost-effective to just save the layout you have made in a USB or any other storage device then send it to the printing company of your choice.

Ask for commercial printing services online

You will save on travelling costs when you consider this tip. You can use online printing services allowing you to send your design layout by email. These companies will basically look into your design and call you for any changes they think are necessary for the design before finally printing them. Some would also send the design back by email and ask your opinion as to how they have changed your design. Unless you want them to follow your layout strictly, they will do everything they can to make the design look more beautiful.

Make things simple and attractive

Perhaps, you want your design to look so elegant this season and you want it to be printed in the highest-quality paper available. Unless you are thinking of keeping the menu just so you can use it once more next Christmas, you have to consider cutting on costs by making it look simpler but at least appreciable for your clients. If you intend to use the Christmas menu for another year or two, you can print it in high-quality paper and have it laminated. If you think you just want to add the new menu to the usual ones you have, you can use the usual 100gsm paper.

It would also be good if you think of printing the menu right in your own office. Come to think of it, there is certainly a high-quality printer there that will allow you to make some adjustments as to how you want the menu printed and this can even mean more money savings for you. If you also want to save on printing costs, you can also consider ordering high-quality cartridges from us. We offer them at great discounted prices that you will love!