Monday, 01 July 2019 

Tricks of the trade — how to remove printer ink from your hands

Usually soap and water does the trick but when you’re working in your Edmonton office and you get printer ink on your hands, what else can you try if that doesn’t work? Spending the rest of your day hiding your hands usually isn’t an option, so here are a few other remedies to try with products that you may have on hand:

Hair Spray

The alcohol in hairspray is often effective for dissolving printer ink. Spray your hands and let the hair spray sit on them for a few seconds to work on the ink. Then rub the area and rinse your hands with soap and water. If the hairspray you are using doesn’t contain alcohol, this isn’t an option.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is great for removing ink stains on your hands and on fabric. Use a clean cloth and rub it gently into your skin until the stain is removed. Wash your hands with soap and water, and make sure to moisturize as it’s drying on your skin.

If you are working on fabric, test the area first. Once you’re sure it’s safe to proceed, blot the area with a clean cloth — and make sure you move to a clean area of the blotting cloth so you don’t reapply the ink.

Glass Cleaner

The ammonia contained in household glass cleaners is effective at dissolving printer ink on skin. Spray some on the ink and leave it for a few minutes. Then rub your hands to get the ink out. Again, rinse your skin afterwards.

Baby Oil

The oil in this product is also effective at breaking up toner or ink stains, while also leaving your skin baby soft. Dab it on to the stain and scrub gently with a cloth.


If nothing else works, try using a combination of 1 part bleach to 10 parts of water, and soak your hands in this mixture. Be sure to wash them thorough with soap and water, and again moisturize to counteract the drying effects of the bleach. Use bleach with caution because of its strength — if you have sensitive skin this may not be the best option.

Tea Tree Oil

An essential oil that is wonderful for skin and for removing printer and toner ink. Using a clean dry cloth, apply a few drops to the cloth and scrub at the stain until it has been removed. Tea Tree Oil has a strong smell which is not harmful, but can bother some, so use it in a well ventilated area.

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