Tuesday, 02 October 2012

Types Of Toners For Computer Printers

Toners are pigments in powder form used in laser printers to print out images or text on paper. The toners in the earlier days were made of carbon powder but over time, were melt-mixed with polymers to produce the vibrant and clear results we’re familiar with today.

Modern laser printers use toner cartridges where the powder may be manufactured using either of two ways – mechanically or chemically, of which the latter is based on newer technology.

Mechanically produced toners

Mechanically produced toners are also known as ground toners. The powder is heated and melted onto the paper using mechanical forces when printing. Since toner particles aren’t regular in size and shape, print quality can be affected. The toner layer on the paper is also thicker. However, conventional toners have the capacity to produce vibrant colors and have a larger color space.

Chemically produced toners

Chemically produced toners have a smaller particle size that may be only two to three microns thick. This results in a finer and higher print quality. The particles are also uniformly milled so there is higher efficiency during printing.

Chemically produced toners work well when printing fine and intricate images. Gradations and subtleties also show up clearer compared to mechanically produced toners.