Saturday, 15 June 2019

Using Printer Analytics to Reduce your Calgary business costs

PrinterWorks West is a leading Managed Print Service (MPS) provider that helps Calgary business owners to optimize their print environment, reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Assessing your current print environment

The first step we take in working with Calgary business owners to gain control of their print environment is to understand how it currently works. To analyze it, we need to assess the data of who is doing the printing, how often, what is being printed and more. Typically, organizations are unaware of how much they spend on printing and document management. Obtaining your print analytics provides important insights into how to make changes that will provide cost savings and more efficient operations in the long term.

User Printing Analytics

Determining who the users are, what they are printing and why is the first step to understanding how your people work and their processes. Printer analytics also helps to provide information on excessive and unnecessary printing — which could include unneeded colour printing, one-sided printing (where two-sided is appropriate) or other non-essential printing habits.

With PrinterWorks West Managed Print Services, the system records who is printing, how many page, whether it was printed in colour or black and white, the time, and the device to which the document was sent, every time a document is printed.

Calgary businesses can, using these analytics, make internal changes to create a more effective and cost efficient system. Instead of printing documents for the sole purpose of filing them, the business owners could consider switching to digital documentation to save significant printing and storage costs.

Document Printing Analytics

Another key step is to analyze the documents being printed and why for the purpose of streamlining and optimizing office efficiency. If they are again being printed for the purpose of filing them, does this process make sense for your business? Would switching to digital sharing be more effective?

Switching to default settings of duplex (double-siding printing) is a great way to reduce costs, as is ensuring it’s necessary to print in colour.

PrinterWorks West works with you to ensure your resources are allocated properly by analyzing your printed document processes. By analyzing the metrics, we can help you understand your existing print environment and the true cost of your document production across the entire enterprise. We help you to take control of your print fleet and optimize it to work more effectively for your business and your bottom line.

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