Thursday, 08 January 2015

Using The Best Smartphone Apps For Printers

Nowadays smartphones are very popular and are being used in everyday lives. They have also turned out to be great timesaving elements in most offices. You can use them to send emails, attending video meetings, as well as storing your data, making your office task a lot easier than you could ever imagine. What is even more interesting is that you can print emails, contacts, web pages, documents, presentations, as well as photos directly from your smartphone. Most of these apps, however, are only compatible with printer models from designated manufacturers. Provided you have a wireless printer, you can use the following apps to make your printing jobs much easier.

1. Epson iPrint

With the Epson iPrint app, you can easily print your files directly from your smartphone or your iPad from a wide range of Epson printer models. Using Wi-Fi, you can print scan as well as share documents just by swiping your screen. Epson iPrint is compatible with Microsoft office software such as Microsoft Word and excel. In addition, this app supports a wide range of file hosting sites on the internet the likes of Drop Box, Google Drive as well as Evernote. You can also print photos and configure your print options such as paper size, number of pages, single or double-sided printing and page range. You can also scan your documents as well as photos from your multifunctional Epson printer and share your personal computer.

2. The HP Print Control app

The HP Print Control app is a product of HP and gives your smartphone the power to control both your documents as well as digital papers effectively. With it, you are able to scan your documents and also recover your cloud based documents so you can print them using your HP printer. What is even better is that you can easily manage your printer settings with the help of the app. You can even share documents that you have already scanned through drop box, Facebook, your Google drive, Evernote and iCloud too. With this app, you can easily gain control over Microsoft office documents, photos, emails and many other document work that you may have.

3. Lexmark Mobile Printing

Lexmark Mobile Printing is an app that enables you to print easily from your iPad, or iPhone. It only requires a 4.3 operating system and is mostly optimized for the iPhone five. With the app, you can directly and conveniently send your documents and images a swell tour your Lexmark device so that you can print them easily. The minute you are ready to print, simply share your targeted documents and images over with the app. You are then instructed select the printer that you intend to use through a network search, manually by entering the IP address of your printer or hosting site or through a URL, or QR code recovery. You can easily instruct the machine to copy your preferred number of pages for each printing job.

4. Printing Jinni

Another great app that easily allows you to print your files directly from your mobile device. Although this app is usually free, you must subscribe to it so that you can continue enjoying its benefits after a thirty-day trial. Using it requires your smartphone to have an operating system of 3.2. With this robust app you can recover any kind of printable content that you may be having from a myriad of web hosting sites together with social networking sites and you can also share this content ‘through a supported printer model. Perhaps one of its best features is that you can easily preview any Microsoft Office document easily without having to use an extra software and hardware device. Also, you can set the printer settings and enjoy its paste board options for immediate printing as you are on the verge of browsing through your documents.

5. Samsung Mobile Print

You can get the most from the Samsung Mobile Print through using Samsung printers. With it, you can print from your smartphone tablet, iPad as well as a variety of other android supported devices wirelessly from your Samsung laser printer, you can print m most of your digital content such as emails, documents, web pages and images even from social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. Brother iPrint & Scan

Brother iPrint & Scan is a product of Brother Industries and you can use it to print your documents and images easily. With the help of your wireless network, you can connect your Brother printer to your smartphone so you can commence on your printing jobs use the Brother website for detailed information on which Brother models are designed to support the app. The best thing about this app is that you do not need to use either your computer or your drives for your printing jobs. In addition, you will not have a lot of difficulty using this app since its menu is relatively easy to understand.