Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Want To Expand Printer Applications? Go For New Leveraging Technologies!

When it comes to printers, people usually immediately think of inkjet printers used at home or laser printers which they usually see in offices. What everyone should know is that printers are part of an important category of devices with a wide range of important applications to consider. Printers are also characterized by usage environments such as offset printers used in commercial printing or more advanced receipt printers that are usually used in local supermarkets or various neighborhood shops.

Leading printer manufacturers

For leading companies in the field of printing manufacturing, what should be considered is that they have reached their place by taking into account the importance of supporting the customers’ needs on a global level. Those who have become the most important printer manufacturers have made it because they have offered a wide range of important products that have been created so as to meet the needs considered as specific for the great majority of customers. Their specialists focus on using core technologies and their manufacturing expertise so as to become able to demonstrate their leadership in the printing field.

What to look for in a leading printing company

When it comes to printing technologies, searching and finding the best companies for being offered access to the most innovative discoveries is a must. A well-established company in the printing industry is one that will properly accommodate to its customers’ requirements so as to offer them access to their main current technologies. Those who offer proper systems and appropriate processes for ensuring timely support to customers are the ones that can be considered leaders in the printing field. Search for printing experts with sufficient and considerable industry experience for making the right offers to you based on proper knowledge and skills.

PrecisionCore printing technologies

PrecisionCore is the next generation print head technology that leaders in the printing field consider as the perfect solution for merging advances in the materials printing science. Printing specialists also focus on the importance of inkjet technologies for further developments in this industry. What Precision Core Printing Technologies have to offer is mainly flexibility for delivering high-speed solutions for printing in all of its forms. Superior output quality as well as proper durability is also highly important features that make PrecisionCore one of the most advanced printing technologies at the moment.

Focus on outstanding output quality, speed & expanding potential

If we consider various ranges of printhead configurations we should consider how speed and output quality can be achieved. The PrecisionCore technology does it by means of a modular MicroTFP print chip that can be arrayed in the configurations. The MicroFTP print chip offers improved performance which includes a much faster speed and a much more accurate dot placement whenever printing is done. The printheads deliver improved output high-quality at increased speeds by controlling the droplet volume and shape. The speed is thus accelerated during the printing process. Another great thing about the PrecisionCore chips is that they can be easily combined in different ways so as to create a great range of printheads with the technology continuously evolving.