Monday, 24 November 2014

What Do You Need To Know About Using Recycled Papers

The presence of managed print services has saved a lot of costs on the part of employers who already opted to make use of such services. This simply means that they have contributed much when it comes to reducing the workplace's carbon footprint whilst also endeavouring to save the environment and its most treasured natural resources. However, apart from managed print services, there are yet other things to take note of when it comes to printing green. Decrease paper consumption in the workplace by considering the following facts and you will see how you, your business and the environment will benefit much from the conscious endeavour.

Recycle the papers you are making use of

You have come across this tip several times though in different phrases and forms. However, there is still that chance you will forget doing it. Remember that recycling paper that has been coming out of your printers can always be a good thing to start with. Add to that, you can also consider reusing these papers when doing a print job in the future.

Understand why recycling paper is needed

Some of you would say you have enough paper in the workplace that you can use for printing so why should you still recycle? This is the scenario that will help you understand why it is necessary. It is said that one sheet of the letter-sized paper (8.5" by 11") is produced using 2.6 gallons of water. With that in mind, you will come to realise that a ream of bond paper made use of 1,300 gallons of water before they reached your hands.

When you use recycled paper, you will lessen energy use and reduce consumption of natural resources such as water and trees. This will save ecosystems, watersheds and forests whilst also lessening pollution and use of chemicals. Using recycled paper when printing is also noted to help reduce the chances of having to release chemicals and other hazards into landfills.

Learn more about what recycled papers are

Recycled paper can be defined in a number of ways though broadly defined as a paper that contains recycled fibre. If you intend to get serious about using recycled papers, then you should consider using those that are 100% post-consumer recycled or one that has been made out of the papers that have already been used in offices and homes. These papers are commonly sent back to recycling centres before they become recycled papers.

Recycled papers save trees

There are a lot of initiatives promoting the need to save trees and that of the rainforest. These initiatives are noted to be doing great in their respective concerns but that should not stop you from doing your own part when it comes to saving trees. One of such endeavours is to use recycled papers.

Look for other valuable paper-producing materials and resources

Trees are rich in fibre that helps with paper production. Apart from trees though, you can also look for other fibres that can help produce paper. Cotton, hemp and kenaf are amongst the options you have. Corn stalks and cereal straws are also noted to be great paper production alternatives. You can look for paper brands that indicate these as the main sources for paper production if you intend to print green and save the environment from harm.

Look for papers that are chlorine-free

This is one way by which you can take your recycled paper initiative a notch higher. Chlorine-free papers are now being marketed and you can start looking for them. Papers that have been processed free of chlorine means the fibre were bleached without using chlorine or its derivatives. Chlorine is one toxic compound that can cause serious health problems not only in humans and in animals as well. This can indeed be very harmful to you and to the environment.

Cost and quality are not sacrificed when using recycled papers

There are two factors to look into when investing on recycled papers for green printing endeavours. One factor is cost. In the past, recycled papers are said to be costlier over their virgin paper counterparts. However, since recycled papers became more in demand, manufacturers have finally decided to cut down on retail cost of such papers. It would save you even more if you order in larger quantities especially if you need a lot of paper in your business.

The other factor is quality. Recycled papers were usually thought of as papers that do not meet user standards. These days, though, you can see such paper versions that meet the same quality specifications offered by virgin paper. This means that you are not sacrificing paper quality at all when using them for your printing and document needs.

Apart from endeavouring to save on paper when going green in the workplace, you can also consider services that will help you save on costs whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. Simply contact us and we will help you understand why our services can help with your green initiatives.