January 17th 2022


What is Papercut MF?

PaperCut MF is a low cost, multi-platform software solution that enables schools, libraries and businesses of any size to manage, account and recover print, copy, fax and scan output via user login or card ID. Typical uses include student / patron charging, staff account billing, secure job release with “Find Me” pull printing, driverless web printing and auto enforced job routing based on administrator defined attributes.

PaperCut is currently used by more than 50,000 sites in over 100 countries and is one of the world’s leading print management solutions. PaperCut MF builds on the core PaperCut features and adds off-the-glass Copy, Fax and Scan tracking at MFPs via embedded/on-board applications.


With over 50,000 client sites worldwide and a growing reputation as the product of choice for education and corporate verticals, PaperCut continues to meet the demand through the provision of smart, flexible, low cost print and copy management software. Featuring the latest web based administration and end user tools, including driverless web printing and enhanced scripting e.g. job routing and “Find Me” (pull) printing by login, account or card ID based authentication methods. , business makers, IT administrators and users alike all agree that PaperCut meets their needs at an affordable price.

Feature Highlights

• Simple web based administration

• Cross-platform support - Synchronized releases on Windows, Linux, Novell and Mac on both server and workstation

• Track printing on any device

• Track off-the-glass copy, fax and scan via embedded application on the MFP

• Integration into major directory services - Active Directory, Open Directory, eDirectory, LDAP, Samba, PAM

• Login or ID Card - authenticate users via proximity card at the MFP

• Find-me printing, secure printing and conditional job routing

• Web Print - a 100% driverless printing solution for wireless netbook and laptop users

• Policy Scripting - Write scripts to enforce functions like duplex. Dozens of pre-built scripts supplied

• Over 50 in-built one-click reports

• Payment Gateways - connection with dozens of leading payment services such as PayPal.

• Pre-Paid Top-Up Cards - a free method for schools and colleges to create value cards.

• Scalability to 350,000 users - via server clustering

• Interface available in 20+ languages (including full Unicode support for Chinese and Japanese)

• Documented public API

• A friendly and approachable development team

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