April 29th 2021

Why are cheap printers expensive to buy?

Purchasing a printer should be a pretty simple process, right? Once you know what you want, have a budget set aside and it is something that you need you would think it would be that simple. Unfortunately, buying a printer is not as simple as you would think. You need to consider the after costs! What after costs? THE INK or TONER! The big box resellers will fool you into purchasing a $50 printer WITH ink and beknowing to you this seems like a GREAT DEAL! However, do not be fooled, it most definitely is not sufficient for a long-term print solution.

Over time Ink and Toner Cartridges swiftly add up and the cost a lot more than the printer you initially bought! Firstly, this is not environmentally friendly at all and secondly, consistently having to spend large amounts of money on store bought ink can be annoying. All big box resellers will not tell you this upon purchase because they want you to keep coming back to the store for overpriced ink or toner cartridges.

Talk to a print specialist! Seriously, most of them provide FREE consultations like PrinterWorks West. Discussing your needs to a print specialist will not only save you money but will get you the right product.

By working with PrinterWorks West and incorporating a Managed Print Services plan companies can avoid issues. Some benefits to Managed Print Services are as follows:

1. Keep track of print devices and deploy to the right place – You are in control and are aware of every device on your contract. You can see firsthand and understand the volume that has been printing. This will allow you to see if the printer’s abilities correspond with the volume and operational needs of the user.

2. Make better print environment decisions – If you decide to go with a managed print service provider you will be helping the environment. How? By choosing one vendor to take care of your MPS needs all your demands are dealt with by one party which results in less paper trail, no duplicates and better deployment of existing print fleet.

3. Ability to see and manage print costs – Executing an appropriate solution can be beneficial when it comes to evaluating how much your business spends on printing. This will help you determine how much you can save by checking the monthly reports sent by your vendor.

4. Consolidate print vendors and standardize print fleet – Concentrated purchasing practices result in fewer suppliers to manage and regulated print functionality and best practices across the company.

5. Reduced IT support and overall management – Diminishes the need for employee engagement to support and oversee the print environment by eliminating supplies ordering tasks and helpdesk calls for print support.

For more benefits check out our blog by clicking here.

Having a Managed Print Solutions provider will save your company time, reduce cost of supplies, have the best security and more! Contact PrinterWorks West to set up your FREE consultation now!