Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Why Choosing the Right Paper type Matters?

Did you know that the right type of paper plays a major part in the quality of the print? Yes, that’s right. Paper does indeed affect print quality since all paper is not created the same, which is a good thing! The chemistry inherent on the surface of paper has a direct affect on the paper’s printability, its gloss, and its waterproofing abilities. If you have ever tried to use the specific paper recommended for most laser and inkjet printers you might have detected a significant difference in the quality of the color, specifically the clarity.

If the paper quality is low, one may notice faded prints and spider web like veins may occur away from the text or image being printed known as bleeding. This is an evident sign that you are using the wrong quality of paper for the device. Obviously, there are certain papers that can be used when using an offset printer, a digital laser, or a high-resolution inkjet printer. However, the quality of print may not be up to your standards. Therefore, the level of quality will depend on what project you implement and the proposed clients for that project.

Bond paper is a durable paper that is suitable for electronic printing and use in office machines, including copiers and network and desktop printers. People typically use it for letterhead, stationery, business forms, and a variety of documents produced with inkjet and laser printers. With bond paper, the cotton fibers can effectively be used in monochrome laser printers. However, paper with ribbed, linen, eggshell, or tweed features may generate undesirable outcomes from the same digital laser printer. Colors can be faded if the printer ink spreads into the fibers, and the final product will look less than professional for the clients.

Our team at PrinterWorks West can help you choose the right paper for your printer so that none of the above happen to you. Our skilled team are qualified to educate you in the right direction and to meet your paper type needs.

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