April 20th 2022

Why is E-Waste Recycling So Important?

First Step: Changing the way we think about waste

Definition of Recycling: the action or process of converting waste into reusable material.

Technology is ever-changing which means every second of every day unwanted electronics are thrown to the curb and more than likely disposed of in landfills. How can we break this digital divide? It’s easy reuse what technology you can and ensure when they meet their end of life, you dispose of them through an appropriate recycling vendor. If they are still in working condition donate them to an organization or an individual in need.

Electronic waste or e-waste is a term used to describe these now-undesirable electronic products. In this blog you will learn more about e-waste disposal and why recycling is the best option for you and the planet. Most technical devices contain toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, or chromium which are damaging to our beautiful planet we call Earth. Electronics are made of components that contain valuable raw materials. Recycling old devices means that fewer raw materials need to be drawn from nature to create new devices which in turn saves energy.

The lifecycle of a printer is roughly between 5 to 10 years depending on the model of the device and how well you take care of your print fleet. PrinterWorks West (PWW) strives to always do better for our planet. Some ways they contribute is through their MIRA Recycling program in partnership with HP. Mira has been committed to educating the public about the recycling of printer cartridges and cell phones. As well as representing concrete action for the environment, this initiative funds the training of many Mira dogs.

They also work with Hi-Tech Recyclers to dispose of unwanted electronics appropriately through their recycling program. Hi-Tech Recyclers mission is to create an accessible consumer friendly alternative to throwing away Alberta's used electronics. In fact, PrinterWorks West is partnering with this recycling company to host an e-waste this may to help bridge the digital divide. Learn more about this event here

PWW teams up with Print Releaf every month to plant trees across the world. Since 2019, PWW customers have collectively offset the equivalent of 453,381,596 total standard pages of paper consumption by reforesting 54,408 standard trees on the PrintReleaf Exchange. PrintReleaf measures your company's paper consumption over time. They calculate how many trees were harvested to produce your paper consumption. Your paper footprint is automatically reforested at planting sites of your choice.

Also, PWW work with HP on becoming a Changemaker. Over the last year or so, PrinterWorks West has implemented many initiatives involving planet, people, and community. They are working with known organizations within the Calgary community to give back and work on creating a more sustainable environment internally and externally. HP introduces first‐of‐its‐kind sustainable impact program for partners to extend impact on climate change, human rights, and digital divide. The HP Amplify Impact program helps to empower partners to set bold, long-term objectives to drive positive impact.

What does PrinterWorks West do with their unwanted electronics?

Recycled printers that are no longer in working conditions gets stripped of reusable parts which are then recommissioned back into donated devices for charities or individuals in need.

75% of printers PWW replace that were on a lease gets either refurbished or donated to a great cause.

Anything else that we cannot reuse goes to Hi-Tech Recyclers – A recycler we trust!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team of skilled technicians.

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