Friday, 01 November 2019

Here’s Why Multifunction Printers are the Right Choice

Multifunction printers, like their name, do multiple things all at once. They include many helpful features and tools that make the printing, scanning, and copying process much more efficient.

Multifunction printers can be a great choice for your Calgary business, or even for your home office, if you’re in the market for something new. Here are the two main reasons why a multifunction printer is the best choice for you and your business!


Multifunction printers eliminate the need for other machines that often take up a bunch of unnecessary space in your office. Nobody likes being confused about where to search for which printer their copy was sent to, or if they are using the right machine for their scanning. Having one printer that does it all, in one specific location, frees up space and clears up any unnecessary searching and confusion.

For a home, a multifunction printer will do wonders for your space. There's no need to pull out the extension cords and start rearranging the room. Having one machine will make it so much simpler for you to get everything done in one place, while also freeing up wall plugs and floor space!

Get rid of extra costs

Multifunction printers can be on the more expensive side at times. But it’s important to realize the benefits of spending a bit more on one do-it-all machine. In the long run, it is saving you money! Having three different machines includes buying them and supplying them all with their operational needs. Having only one machine means only paying to keep one machine running. And who doesn’t love to save money?

If your business tends to print quite a bit, there’s always the option to purchase two multifunction printers. This is still the smarter option, as you now have two machines that can do all the necessary tasks. It’s better than having three of four printers running all day long.

Printerworks West can help your Calgary-based business determine the best printer for

your printing needs. We can establish and maintain your printer fleet and also provide troubleshooting support.

Partnering with an established MPS provider, such as Printerworks West, can help your business increase its productivity while decreasing the overall ongoing costs of business operations.

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