Saturday, 15 February 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Ink Cartridge Expiry Dates

It may seem unimportant to keep track of the expiry date on your ink cartridges for your Edmonton business. Or, you may simply forget to even check. But everything has a shelf life and it’s good to know how long that is. Once an ink or toner cartridge has reached its end, it’s not going to work the same. If you, or your business, require optimal quality printing it’s best to watch out for these dates. If not, the ink will become practically useless and you’ve wasted money. Ink isn’t cheap!

Before purchasing ink or toner, you should always invest some time in figuring out the shelf life. You’ll thank us later!

Where do I even find the expiry date?

It may differ from brand to brand, but it’s relatively the same. The date is usually listed somewhere on the bottom or top of the box under ‘Use Before’. You may also see a date claiming to be the ‘warranty date’ which pretty much claims that the ink should work perfectly up until that date.

But don’t be confused, the two dates don’t mean the same thing. Expiry dates are typically 1 to 2 years after the warranty date.

Other reasons your ink is defective

If you are someone who doesn’t print that much, your ink is vulnerable to going bad sooner. If your printer is dormant for most of the time air can seep into the cartridge and dry up that precious ink. Also, if you are someone who refills your cartridges there is a possibility that they were refilled incorrectly. The problem usually occurs when the cartridge is not sealed up again properly. This usually results in the ink drying up much sooner.

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