July 15 2021

Without the Appropriate Solution, Your Data is Always Going to be in Danger

With data security becoming one of the most important topics to discuss. Nowadays, it just makes sense to ensure your business is taking the necessary precautions to keep your company and employees safe from the likes of cyber attacks, hackers, or an internal breach. Every day sensitive data is passed through the office, allowing your devices to become vulnerable and unsafe. How often do you use a printer, send an email, or share a file? How often do you print documents and how long does it take you to get to that specific printer in time to pick it up?

It is the responsibility of the owner to prioritize when it comes to keeping confidential information secure in the workplace. How easy would it be for a member of staff to accidently pick up their own termination letter when using the printer to copy or scan a document? Could you imagine someone’s personal information being leaked to fellow colleagues! Maybe a customer’s invoice or legal document gets into the wrong hands, the list goes on. How do you prevent this from happening and ensure your employees privacy is your number one priority?

Having a small company with these worries is not the easiest. However, could you imagine the threat it could have on a larger Organization? It could be detrimental to the company, its employees, and its reputation. Can you trust your staff to do the right thing and secure their data? What if they print on one machine and the print job does not go through? Will they make sure to delete the job pending? Or will they just go to another printer? Most of the time they will just go to another printer, especially if they are in a hurry to print their documents.

This situation is putting your company at risk and may result in a lawsuit that you are not prepared to take on. The solution is to authenticate every print job that occurs at your office with a secure print release. There is a simple, yet effective solution and it is called Papercut! If you have not heard of it, you should check out this link: https://www.papercut.com/about/.

Why do you need Papercut? Three reasons; increases security, reduces unnecessary waste and gives your company convenience to know their data is secure .

PaperCut allows your employees to increase the security of your documents with “Find-Me” Printing. Find-Me printing solves the problem of finding the closest printer from a long list of available printers. It’s a roaming print service that allows print jobs to find users based on their physical location. You may have heard it referred to as "Pull Printing" or "Push Printing". It’s a great solution for large sites operating a common printer fleet.

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