15 August 2017

3 Back to School All-in-One Printers for 2017

Modern technology is magnificent, when it works. If you currently experience problems with your printer then it is a good idea to learn how to troubleshoot it on your own. By doing so, you can save a lot of time and avoid calling the geeky, knows-it-all guy to help you. Here are a few things you should try if your printer doesn’t work properly.

1. Make sure everything is connected. Yes, it sounds childish, but sometimes you can actually forget to connect the USB cables! Check again and if your printer is still unresponsive then probably the USB cable is damaged and you need to replace it.

2. Is there enough paper? A printer will refuse to start if there is not a single sheet of paper in the tray. Also, in order to avoid delays in the future, make sure that you always have more than enough paper if you need to print a large project containing tens or even hundreds of files.

3. Is there enough ink or toner? Usually, a red LED should flash if there is not enough ink or toner in the printer and you will need to replace the cartridge. If the printer has enough toner or ink then the problem might have a different cause.

4. Stuck papers can cause troubles. Sometimes, even the printers can bite more than they can chew. Especially if you have a rather old printer, the papers might get stuck between the rollers from time to time. Open your printer and carefully wiggle the paper and pull towards you in order to take it out.

5. Clean the rollers once in a while. Periodic maintenance will make sure that your printer remains in a great condition. Use a soft brush (even a toothbrush is good) in order to remove the dust and dirt particles from inside the printer. Pay special attention to the rollers as they can get very dirty. Also, from time to time, make sure that you clean the printer on the outside with a paper towel and you cover it with something when you don’t use it in order to protect it against dust particles.

6. Update the printer driver. The "mind" of a printer might not be synchronized with the "mind" of the computer and this leads to the unresponsiveness of the printer. Try to update the driver of the printer by visiting the website of the manufacturer. If the driver is up to date, try reinstalling it.

7. Simply restart the printer or the computer a few times. If absolutely nothing works then you still have one single chance: help from God! Restart your computer and/or printer a few times, pray, cross your fingers and hope for the best. This is the last solution before calling the tech guy who can't wait to prove his supreme knowledge when it comes to computers.

Or, you also have another, much better option: contact us today and get a brand new and more modern printer! Our company sells a large variety of black and white and color printers for you to choose from. We also promise that we will be polite and we will courteously answer to all your questions.