March 30th 2023

credit Application's Terms & Conditions 

This agreement is made between the Applicant and PrinterWorks West Inc and their successors and assigns.

All invoices will be paid in accordance to the terms stated on each invoice. Accounts not paid within terms shall be deemed to be “overdue accounts”. The Applicant further acknowledges that payments returned by my (our) financial institution for reasons not limited to non-sufficient funds will be subject to an administration of CDN$50.00, which said amount may be increased without prior notice.

Invoices and Statements of Accounts will be considered correct if no exceptions are reported in writing within 30 days from the date

of the invoice or statement.

Interest at a rate of 2% per month, 24% per annum, may be charged on all overdue balances and this rate will apply to both pre and

post judgment balances.

All changes in the applicant company’s structure and/or its owners and shareholders will be immediately reported to PrinterWorks

West Inc in writing. The Applicant further acknowledges that PrinterWorks West Inc reserves the sole discretion and right to

decline, change, or revoke the Applicant ‘s payment terms at any time on the basis of my (our) payment record and/or financial

situation, and/or changes to PrinterWorks West Inc’s credit policy.

Should we use the services of a lawyer to collect your overdue balance, the Applicant agrees to pay for such legal services on a

solicitor and his own client basis.

Permission must be obtained before returning goods for credit. A restocking charge may apply. There are no warranties or

guarantees applicable to goods except as given in writing by us or by the supplier/manufacturer. The Applicant further

acknowledges that goods are sold Ex Works. I (we) understand that all products are shipped without insurance, unless otherwise

specified and shipping losses and damage are the responsibility of the Applicant.

The Applicant/Customer agrees the title to goods supplied by us shall remain our property until the Applicant has paid for the goods

in full. We shall have a continuing purchase money security interest in all such goods and their proceeds to secure the performance

by the Applicant of all its obligations to us. The Applicant waives the right to receive a copy of any financing statement and

verification statement and acknowledges receipt of a copy of this Agreement.

If two or more persons are liable under this Agreement, their obligation shall be joint and several.

The Applicant hereby authorizes PrinterWorks West Inc to conduct, or cause to be conducted, as required, credit investigations on

myself (ourselves), my (our) company (ies) and any related persons or companies. The Applicant hereby authorizes PrinterWorks

West Inc. to divulge credit references to other creditors as requested with regards to credit line established and history of payments

on account, use and disclose such information in accordance with the terms of its privacy policy. The Applicant further agrees to

indemnify PrinterWorks West Inc from all claims which may arise because PrinterWorks West Inc disclosed information about myself

(ourselves), my (our) company (ies) and any related persons or companies.

The Applicant hereby states that the information on the Application is true and complete. Any signed original an/or copy of this

document is considered valid and true and holds the Applicant responsible for all information provided on this document. The

Applicant has read and agrees to abide by PrinterWorks West Inc’s current terms and conditions.