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Frequently asked questions

When looking for managed printing services, we know you'll probably have some questions. Below are some of the more common ones we are asked.

Are There Any Hidden Charges Or Monthly Fees?

No PrinterWorks West prides itself on no hidden fees – what you print is what you get billed for. Unlike other MPS providers there are NO minimums.

What Can Software Implementation Do To Reduce My Companies Volume?

PrinterWorks West has various software options available to track usage, bill back to clients, secure printing, and much more depending on the account's significance.

Are There Rate Increases Throughout The Managed Print Services?

No, PrinterWorks West secures pricing for the duration of the MPS agreement.

How Fast Can A Technician Come To Fix My Device?

We typically have a technician to the site by the next day, but depending on your requirements can have a service response within 2 hours.

Do You Service Rural Alberta?

We service Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and the surrounding areas. A travel fee may apply for any service requests outside a 50KM radius of Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMurray. Travel charges are quoted for approval before the technician is dispatched to the site. We also have service partners across Canada to assist with service calls in all provinces.

Do You Have Altered Processes Due To COVID-19?

Yes. All our technicians wear a mask on-site. They also sanitize and clean the device before and after the device's service.

What Is The Action Plan For Managing Customers During The COVID-19 Crisis?

PrinterWorks is fully operative during this time to provide uninterrupted service to our clients. We are taking measures such as following social distancing guidelines, having little to no contact in the office with outside clients, suggested amount of persons in the common spaces and monitoring the information provided by local, provincial, and federal authorities in order to respond rapidly to the current situation.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Managed Print Services?

The benefits for all businesses and customers using Managed Print Services include, but are not limited to, cutting printing costs, fixing problems before they occur, optimizing the life of your printing fleet, and ease of use in the business process!

What Is The Difference Between PrinterWorks vs A Similar Competitor?

We offer an extremely wide range of software and hardware to meet each customer's specific needs. At PrinterWorks, we also offer a guarantee to beat pricing from large office supplies retailers and copier companies.

Do You Recycle Toner Cartridges?

Yes, we do. We do not offer a pickup service specifically for empty toner, but our delivery drivers and technicians can remove empty toner for you when they are on site.

Can You Recycle Our Old Printers?

Yes, we can. We can remove and recycle old printers when we are on-site to install new devices, at no additional charge. If there is no new printer to install, we can schedule a specific visit to the site to remove and recycle devices for a fee. We also remove and destroy the hard drives before we recycle any device. If you would rather, we can remove the hard drive and return it to you.

Our Latest Testimonials

Satisfied Commercial Clients

Sarah Gilmet
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings

Hands down the best service and managed print rates. My start up business was able to save $20,000.00 over last 3 years.

Cynthia Mc
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings

I now have TWO HP printers working in my home office. They were very easy to set up and came delivered at a cost better then Staples!

Judy Carter
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings

OMG amazing, ordered a desktop printer at 11:00 am and it was installed and running by 2:00 pm. It does not get any better than that.

Sandra Lifely
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings

This company has the full package, it has excellent customer service before and after sales, friendly staff who would look after you right to the finish.