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Managed Print Services

PrinterWorks West has always prided itself on being a service-based company. Since our company's creation in 2001, we have provided prompt printing service and document solutions to our clients. We want to be your trusted adviser and do so by also offering unmatched convenience and value. We aim to optimize your printer fleet with our Managed Print Services (MPS) and give you peace of mind.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services are designed to optimize your workplace flow and handle your print environment, making it cost-effective and efficient. At its core, MPS is meant to provide management information with consolidated billing.

MPS will also handle the proactive maintenance of your organization's equipment and ongoing optimization of the printer fleet. Managed Print Services, at the very base level, aims to manage your organization's hardware, service, supplies and software.

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Benefits of MPS services

Benefits of switching over to Managed Print Services include

When you switch over to Managed Print Services, you get total cost accountability, total service accountability, and total management accountability.

Cutting Printing Cost

Extending The Life Of Document Output Devices (Printers & Copiers)

Optimizing Device Placements For Efficient Printing Environments

Consolidating Your Administration's Printing & Supply Billing

Transparency In Your Printing Costs, Knowing The Exact Cost Of Each Printing Device

Fixing Problems Before They Occur With Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Increasing Your Printing Uptime With A Healthy Printing Fleets

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What MPS can do for your business

let printerworks west handle your printing needs

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Total cost accountability

Utilizing cost per page billing structures, we provide total predictability, transparency, and awareness to the otherwise "hidden" print, copy, and fax costs.

With PrinterWorks West, you get one invoice, in a "pay per use" format, for ultimate convenience and transparency.

Total service accountability

Without the knowledge, experience, partnerships, rigorous training and authorizations held by our service departments, MPS would not exist. Service is and will always be the backbone of PrinterWorks West. PrinterWorks West makes MPS our business, and we are the leading provider in Alberta.

Total management accountability

Designing, implementing, upgrading and even simply changing standard products can cause IT managers headaches. Under an MPS agreement, all of these management headaches are transferred to the MPS provider. Let PrinterWorks West handle it so your internal departments can focus on doing their jobs.

Your printer running costs

Commercial printers & Printing Solutions

Do You Know How Much Your Printers Cost?

When running a large organization, the cost of printers, copiers and supplies is often hard to keep track of. If you don't have an accurate idea of how much you're spending on document production across your enterprise, you could be wasting money. There is no single category or line item within an organization's budget to capture the cost of personal or departmental communication devices accurately. These devices can include personal printers, workgroup printers, scanners and fax machines.

Generally, it ends up being reported under "Supplies" or "Office Equipment." This is problematic because how can you precisely pinpoint what is being spent on printing and copying if it is generalized in your budget?

Optimizing Your Printing Costs

With PrinterWorks West's Managed Print Services, we can help you figure out what the cost of your device fleet truly is. We can also optimize your workplace printing environment by figuring out each piece of equipment's location and exactly how much it costs to own these devices. Many organizations are shocked at the number of devices they own. The ratio of employees to devices can be 3:1 or sometimes even lower. By optimizing the number of devices within your printing fleet, your organization can automatically save money.

Printer fleets can cost an organization from one to three percent of their revenue, and when you actively manage your printer fleet, you can save up to 30% of printing costs.

MPS For Your Unique Workplace

optimizing for your specific work environment

Every workplace and organization is unique, and their printing and copying needs are different. PrinterWorks West recognizes this, which is why we recommend Managed Print Service agreements based on what your organization needs. We go through three distinct stages to successfully manage your printing and documents:

Stage one
Gaining Control Of Your Printing & Imaging Fleet
Stage two
Optimizing The Fleet & Keeping It Optimized
Stage three
Document Management, Workflow & Enhancing Business Processes

These stages allow us to effectively implement Managed Printing Services in a way that will enable your organization to save money.

Our Latest Testimonials

Satisfied Commercial Clients

Sarah Gilmet
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings Hands down the best service and managed print rates. My start up business was able to save $20,000.00 over last 3 years.
Cynthia Mc
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings I now have TWO HP printers working in my home office. They were very easy to set up and came delivered at a cost better then Staples!
Judy Carter
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings OMG amazing, ordered a desktop printer at 11:00 am and it was installed and running by 2:00 pm. It does not get any better than that.
Sandra Lifely
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings This company has the full package, it has excellent customer service before and after sales, friendly staff who would look after you right to the finish.

Printing Products Services

quality range of software hardware

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Printer hardware

Managed Print Services means having experts to help optimize your printing fleet. PrinterWorks West will assess your organization's current fleet. Our technicians will look at the placement of these devices and provide insight on how to best create a healthy printing environment.

Don't currently have a printing fleet? Not sure you want to invest upfront for an entire fleet of printers? PrinterWorks West can help with that, too. When you're considering purchasing printers for your organization, the upfront cost might be an investment you cannot currently afford or justify.

We offer the option to lease printers under our Managed Print Services. You can still have a healthy printing environment without the upfront cost of owning your own printer fleet.

Printer service and maintenance

Preventative maintenance and service are essential to keep your printer fleet working correctly. When you do proactive maintenance on your fleet, the result is your fleet's downtime is minimized. Regular maintenance can also help predict potential issues.

It can prevent your devices from breaking down and needing major fixes down the road by predicting them early. With commercial printers, often maintenance and repair are not simple. Let us handle the problems before they happen.

PrinterWorks West also offers speedy services for our Managed Print Service clients. We know that your printing fleet being down can cause significant workflow disruptions. It's one of the many reasons we pride ourselves on providing fast printer response services to keep your devices working the way they're supposed to.

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Printer supplies

PrinterWorks West will help you streamline supplies inventory and manage it on your behalf. We will help your organization regulate your printer supplies, including paper and ink cartridges. When you have a good grasp of printer supply inventory, you won't have to stop in the middle of the workday to make an emergency trip to a supply shop.

Due to our partnerships with leading copier and printer manufacturers, we're able to offer exceptional pricing on office supplies. Large office supply retailers won't be able to beat our price points, and we guarantee that.

Not only will you have the convenience of our Managed Print Services, but you also get an unbeatable price.

Document software solutions

Are you looking to make your organization's workflow more productive? We can help with that. PrinterWorks West is experienced in document software solutions and can help make your printing environment seamless. Need to scan something and email it to a colleague? Not a problem. We can help set up your printer's software so you can send it off right from the printer.

Ask us today how our Managed Print Services can help with your printing environment.

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