October 14th 2021

Benefits of Print Management

When it comes to considering the benefits of print management for your company, don’t assume that managed print software alone is the best way to control your print environment and reduce costs. While this option is better than individual device management, partnering with PrinterWorks West will help with a more comprehensive print strategy with more benefits.

Benefits of Print Management:

1. Automated Enforcement of Print Policies

2. Print workflows are fully integrated with critical business processes

3. print costs are allocated to the appropriate employee and organization budget

4. Real time reports of all document activities from desktop to printer

5. Secure print workflows available to every employee

6. Clear visibility and control of print usage and behaviour

7. Lower print related IT support costs

Print management and document capture solutions are often praised for their ability to make organizations more cost-efficient and productive, and to increase document security. While these advantages are clear, businesses should also consider how these solutions can also free up time for IT staff to work on more innovative projects.

Make sure to research Managed Print Service providers before signing any contract to ensure that they are the right fit for you. PrinterWorks West offers free consultations to those who would like a broader incite into print management. Contact us by clicking here.