Mount Royal University

PrinterWorks West and Lexmark help Mount Royal University reduce paper consumptionby more than 330,000 sheets and reduce output costs by 14 percent, while supporting the organization's sustainability initiatives.

The Organization

Founded in 1910, Mount Royal University operates three campuses under an annual budget of nearly $200 million. The school has a student body of 14,175 and approximately 2,400 full- and part-time employees

The Challenge

With the end of long-term leases for its multifunction printers (MFPs) in sight, Mount Royal University wanted to replace 110 aging devices with technology that would meet fi ve key objectives. "These goals were maximizing device uptime, enhancing user productivity, trimming operating and maintenance costs, reducing the overall environmental footprint, and building a close relationship with the equipment provider and local dealer providing support," said Mike Reed, Mount Royal's Director of Business & Retail Services. "We were especially interested in finding a solution that would have users consume less paper by printing only when necessary."

To assess products and solutions, the University published a Request for Information. "It was important to see who was out there and interested in doing business with us," said Reed. Based on the results, four manufacturers were invited to submit formal proposals. Cut to three finalists, Reed noted that the hardware each proposed shared similarities.

The major difference in the proposals lay not in the products, but in the companies themselves and their desire to do business with Mount Royal. "Lexmark's financial offer was the strongest and most flexible, allowing us to add units to the lease as our needs grew." Lexmark also differentiated itself by proposing fulfillment and on-site support through PrinterWorks West, a highly-regarded, local Alberta-based solution provider.

The Solution

After analyzing the finalists' proposals and performing proof-of-concept testing, Mount Royal chose to lease MFP technology and supporting solutions from Lexmark, managed and implemented through PrinterWorks West. In its drive toward achieving environmental sustainability, Mount Royal singled out Lexmark's dedication and specific solutions for reducing paper consumption. "All companies are doing a better job with regard to sustainability, but we were particularly impressed with Lexmark's commitment to minimize the environmental footprint throughout the supply chain from cradle to grave, including end-of-life recycling."

A key component of that commitment is Lexmark Print Release, a solution that queues print jobs, releasing them only after job owners walk up to a printer and swipe their identification card. "We were impressed with the Lexmark Print Release solution," Reed said. "It gives users an opportunity to reconsider whether they really need to print the document, and it provides us with a subtle yet powerful way to break people of their 'this is my printer' mindset." By eliminating the time gap between printing and document pickup, Print Release ensures that forgotten print jobs do not pile up, avoiding paper and toner waste. Jobs not printed within a specified timeframe are deleted from the queue automatically and therefore never printed at all.

With its existing leases about to expire, the window for installation of more than 100 MFPs was closing quickly. Assuring Mount Royal that the University would not be left without the ability to print, copy, scan, and fax, Lexmark worked overtime to procure inventory and meet all delivery deadlines. "Lexmark worked with PrinterWorks West to ensure that equipment would be available in the short turnaround time from contract negotiation to implementation," said Reed. "They pulled strings across the entire North American distribution network to get inventory to us."

The Results

With implementation at its existing facilities and two major building expansions nearly complete, Mount Royal has already cut paper consumption substantially. In its first full year of operation, Lexmark Print Release cleared thousands of unclaimed print jobs from the queue, saving 332,000 sheets of paper.

Device availability has improved. The Lexmark MFPs consume less electricity than the older devices they replaced. Thanks to Lexmark Print Release, users are printing less and have embraced the idea of using a card swipe to initiate printing. In addition to providing software that tracks usage, Lexmark engineers developed software for Mount Royal that provides specific tracking of color printing as well. Reduced paper, toner and electrical consumption, driven largely by Lexmark Print Release, along with lower maintenance costs have cut the University's overall output related expenditures by 14 percent.

"Lexmark has hit on all the objectives we established at the outset. We were aware of Lexmark's excellent reputation; we knew they were a 'big-league' company and had no concerns," Reed said.

Universities, driven by socially concerned students and faculty, have become leaders in environmental awareness. By adopting sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally conscious output solutions from Lexmark that reduce paper use and electrical consumption, Mount Royal University continues to abide by one of its key tenets: A life changed today, a life to be changed tomorrow.

FT Services

PrinterWorks West enables FT Services to provide accountable printing in multiple client locations while reducing output by 19%, supporting the companies' environmental initiatives.

The Organization

FT Services was established in August 2006 to capture growing asset management and maintenance opportunities in Canada. FT Services brings Transfield Services' leading experience in asset management and maintenance of complex systems and technologies together with URS Flints' extensive Canadian hydrocarbons expertise. FT Services provides operational and maintenance support to the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and mineral processing and power generation industries in the Canadian market.

The Challenge

Multiple projects with numerous clients on tight timelines in remote areas is a regular occurrence for FT Services. The ability to ensure maximum uptime and availability of multifunction printers is required. Information and communication is critical to meeting project timelines, device downtime comes at a considerable cost.

Projects in remote field sites require associated job costing with many skilled trades and professionals involved, the ability to deliver reliable, accountable and easy to use technology is required.

The Solution

After gaining a sound understanding of FT Services requirements PrinterWorks West was able to develop a solution that would provide ease of access to the MFP’s through the onsite workers proximity cards. This solution also allowed for accurate job costing and reporting. PrinterWorks West provided a truly “best of breed” solution using Papercut MF, Xerox Work Centre 7775’s, Proximity Readers and FM Audit. PrinterWorks West was fully engaged with the FT Services IT Department in the development of this solution.

The Results

Implementation of this solution in both head office and in the field has resulted in a savings of 19% in output cost and reduced print volumes by 15% by clearing unclaimed print jobs with the solution. This solution also allows users to just hit print and with their proximity card get the print job at the closest available printer. We also noticed almost a complete reduction in “unclaimed” print jobs therefore reducing the amount of sensitive or confidential information being viewed by unwelcome eyes. The scan solution with the proximity card provides an excellent user experience with the swipe of the card it provides access to Printing, Faxing and scanning; both workflow and email. PrinterWorks West also provided a secure printing environment where only FT Services authorized users can print; keeping non authorized users away from the printers not only reduces costs, but reduces abuse of the printers at our sites.

PrinterWorks West has proved to be an excellent reliable partner of FT Services; the support and knowledge they provide has been exceptional.