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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Ink Cartridge Expiry Dates

It may seem unimportant to keep track of the expiry date on your ink cartridges for your Edmonton business. Or, you may simply forget to even check. But everything has a shelf life and it’s good to know how long that is. Once an ink or toner cartridge has reached its end, it’s not going to work the same. If you, or your business, require optimal quality printing it’s best to watch out for these dates. If not, the ink will become practically useless and you’ve wasted money. Ink isn’t cheap!

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The Best Office Printers for 2020

Busy office spaces are not fun when things are unorganized! Having a great printer that works well for a bustling office space, with many people using it, is something that can reduce problems. Printers that are speedy, hold lots of paper, and can connect to many devices at once are usually what a hectic office needs. Listed below are some of the best, new printers from 2019 that work well for any office.

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Replacing An Ink-Cartridge 101

Sadly, ink does not last forever. Eventually, your documents are going to be coming out half-printed. Don’t fret, changing the ink-cartridges isn’t that difficult and not that different between printer makes. Here are some tips and tricks for getting it done:

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How to Choose the Right Scanner

Deciding what scanner is right for you, and your Calgary business, can be tough. Especially if you know nothing about scanners. Every scanner virtually does the same thing. There are only some minor differences here and there. Listed below are some things that you should take into consideration when making your choice.

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