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Consider inventory management

As a leading inventory management provider for your Edmonton office printing needs including your office printer, fax, and copier supplies, we leveraging long-standing relationships with copier and printer manufacturers. By doing this, PrinterWorks is able to provide your Edmonton business with cost-effective solutions and save you money and time.

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Hands-free printing options

We’re all busy and finding ways to free up time and be more efficient is on everyone’s minds in Calgary businesses. Many of us use virtual assistants to get more done quickly. We can now use our voices to interact with technology, asking it questions we would previously had to spend the time looking up online or ordering it to carry out a task for us.

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Manners matter - printing etiquette

Consideration for others in the Edmonton workplace is just as important as outside the office. And it’s no different when it comes to printing. We all have experienced the frustration of someone else’s lack of etiquette. So what are some simple rules so you don’t get labelled as the ‘inconsiderate co-worker’ at the office?

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Even your printer is vulnerable

One of the most overlooked items for a data security breach is your printer. For Calgary businesses, it’s critical to understand that your networked printer can be the gateway into the rest of your system. Intellectual property, along with data, can be at risk. So how do you safeguard your property and secure your printer?

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Pros and Cons of Inkjet and LaserIs there an expiry day on ink and toner?

Keep your Edmonton printer healthy and working by noting the expiration date and providing proper storage of ink and toner.  Eventually, any ink you’ve purchased will begin to deteriorate depending on where it’s stored and how often you print. Expired ink may damage your printer and reduce print quality. Infrequently used printers in your Edmonton-based business may dry out and expire.

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Pros and Cons of Inkjet and Laser

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new printer for your Calgary business, one of the choices you’ll need to make is whether to go with an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Which is more economical and more environmentally conscious?

Inkjet printers and cartridges typically are less expensive upfront but may run up your costs in the long term. The best way to arrive at a decision is to consider the frequency of your printing needs and what you’ll be printing. An inkjet printer may go through ink faster, increasing the cost per page. If you don’t have high printing needs, inkjet may be the route to go. If you do — choose a laser printer. It’s the most cost-effective over time.

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