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Best apps for Android and iOS phones

Today’s smartphones have the capabilities of most computers. With printers now available with WiFi hardware, you can use an app on your smartphone to print. Third party apps sometimes fail to identify printers, so to be safe, consider getting the official app used by your printer’s manufacturer.

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Reduce your printing costs

Managing and reducing business expenses is always on the mind of every business owner. One area where costs can be brought down is the amount spent on printers and related supplies — which usually add up to a significant amount. Ink and toner are expensive and so is the cost of support calls for papers jams, etc.

Here’s some tips on lowering your operating expenses in your printing environment:

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Our picks for the best back to college and university printers

A good printer is a must for college and university students, whether it’s to print a report, homework assignment, scan a document and send by email to your prof or a fellow student, or to print a photo to hang on a dorm wall.

What’s the criteria? It has to be cost effective to purchase and to maintain and not take up too much space on a desk — funds are limited when you’re in school. Here’s our picks for the best printers for college and university students to purchase today.

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Copier Jam Prevention 101

Death and taxes are facts of life. So are copier jams. They’re going to happen, whether it’s equipment failure or the fault of the user. At some point, paper is going to get stuck in your copier. 

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