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Remote Field Managed Print Services in Alberta

Remote Field ServicesDid you know that PrinterWorks West offers remote field services to business owners throughout Alberta? We provide coverage to over 50 locations including clients in Fort McMurray and Grand Prairie. This allows business owners to focus on their work while our remote field technicians come to your location to bring supplies and provide scheduled maintenance for your printing and copying fleet.

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Understanding Printer Terminology

Printer Terminology 101Whether you’re getting new business cards or new pamphlets made to promote your services, you will need to contact a printer and when you do, they may use terminology you’re not so familiar with.  They may request your files in a certain format, ask for minimum DPI resolution or ask if the colours you’ve used are RGB or CMYK. While this may sound like mumbo-jumbo, it’s real printer speak.

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A Voice Activated Printer via HP Print & Google Home

Voice Activated PrinterRemember when Siri hit the market and people were fascinated that you could just talk to your phone and it’d spit it out a list of relevant answers? Well, tech just keeps progressing and the new wave of voice recognition technology has manifested in-home voice assistants aka “smart speakers” like, Amazon’s Echo which houses the virtual assistant Alexa and Google Home which is equipped with your very own Google Assistant.

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Printed Direct Mailouts – Do they Still Work?

Benefits of Direct Mail MarketingFor business owners and service providers looking to attract new clients or generate greater business, navigating through today’s various marketing channels makes one question what advertising avenues work best? Is it social media, television, radio, email marketing, highway billboards –  is print still relevant? Does the old school direct mailout still work?

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Print & Copy Supply Management Made Easy

Printer Supply Inventory ManagementWho doesn’t want to reduce the stress and costs of maintaining their office printing and copying environment? Printer and copier supplies are generally not what people are thinking about, unless of course a document needs to be printed ASAP and there’s no ink or paper to be found. Then panic ensues and someone is running to the nearest store to grab a replacement ink or toner cartridge or a big box of paper.

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