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Tricks of the trade — how to remove printer ink from your hands

Usually soap and water does the trick but when you’re working in your Edmonton office and you get printer ink on your hands, what else can you try if that doesn’t work? Spending the rest of your day hiding your hands usually isn’t an option, so here are a few other remedies to try with products that you may have on hand:

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Consider inventory management

As a leading inventory management provider for your Edmonton office printing needs including your office printer, fax, and copier supplies, we leveraging long-standing relationships with copier and printer manufacturers. By doing this, PrinterWorks is able to provide your Edmonton business with cost-effective solutions and save you money and time.

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Hands-free printing options

We’re all busy and finding ways to free up time and be more efficient is on everyone’s minds in Calgary businesses. Many of us use virtual assistants to get more done quickly. We can now use our voices to interact with technology, asking it questions we would previously had to spend the time looking up online or ordering it to carry out a task for us.

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Manners matter - printing etiquette

Consideration for others in the Edmonton workplace is just as important as outside the office. And it’s no different when it comes to printing. We all have experienced the frustration of someone else’s lack of etiquette. So what are some simple rules so you don’t get labelled as the ‘inconsiderate co-worker’ at the office?

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