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Save on Paper & Ink When You Print Web Pages

Save-Paper-Ink-When-You-Print-Web-PagesSending a document to print is easier than ever. With printer apps and portable printer technology continuously progressing, printing from your smart phone, desktop or tablet is like second nature. You just hit print and it’s sent.

With this ability to print so easily however, we are also more likely to waste a ton of paper, ink and toner when printing web pages directly as they are.  Do you really need or want to print the advertisements on a web page? Just think of how much ink is used to print unnecessary images that don’t lend any value to the words on the web page you want a hard copy of.

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History of Printing – Infographic

History of Printing2The printing industry has come a long way since its beginnings. It isn’t hard to take for granted that with a click of a button on our computer, smartphone or tablet, we can send a doc to print and it’ll be done within seconds or minutes. In fact, laser printers can print upwards of 200 pages per minute now. 3D printers make food, artificial limbs and furniture! There are printers you can easily fit inside your pocket.

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Signs It is Time to Upgrade Your Printer Fleet

Time To Upgrade PrinterYour printer fleet should work for you and your business, effortlessly printing what you need, when you need it. But as with all technology, printers also possess a limited lifespan and with excessive use, their performance can peter out in the end. Detecting when it is time to upgrade your office’s printer fleet can be simple if your printer just refuses to turn on one day. However, sometimes the signs are more subtle. Listed below are some warning signs that indicate it’s time for you to move on and upgrade your office printer or printer fleet:    

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Inexpensive Christmas Gifts + Free Printables

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Free PrintablesGift giving just got easier. All it takes is your printer, some scissors and a quick trip to your local drug store to create crafty and affordable gifts for everyone on your list. These simple solutions create a personalized feel which goes a long way in making those who receive your last-minute presents actually feel special.  With a little creativity and your printer, you can add a whole dose of personality to these inexpensive Christmas gifts that will wow their recipients:

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ZUtA Pocket Printer – Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

Zuta Pocket Printer

Move over mini photograph printers, there’s a mobile pocket sized robotic printer in town and it can print graphics and text on any standard size of paper.

What started as a college project at the Jerusalem College of Technology’s Friedberg Entrepreneurship Challenge, is now the world’s first award-winning mini robotic printer. Ultra portable and printing on any standard size of paper, the ZUtA robotic printer weighs in at 350 grams and sports a 10.2cm diameter.

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Pint Sized Portable Photo Printers

Pint Sized Photo PrintersIs there a printer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Just kidding! Although it may not sound like a typical joke, it’s a reality that pint sized printers are a real thing and can be easily slipped into a pocket for on-the-go printing. These mini photo printers are gaining popularity with manufactures like Fuji, Canon and HP stepping up to the plate.

With the ability to print within seconds directly from your phone, in an age where selfies are a common practice (yes, selfie is in the dictionary now); pint sized printing is a relevant need for some. As such, here is a line up of pocket sized printers currently available: 

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