Dec 14th 2020

12 Managed Print Services Benefits of Christmas

Managed Print Services are vital to the flow of a work environment. If a business is left unmanaged it may get out of control. Some examples of how print fleets, if left unmanaged can cause problems are as follows; excess paper, toner and ink usage, frustrated users who then call IT for help and more than one supplier to manage. This creates a negative work atmosphere across the company which results in disputes among staff members.

It is one thing dealing with unhappy employees but then to add the hidden costs into the scenario can get even more frustrating. Printing and printing issues can quickly become an administrative nightmare for a company’s office staff. Taking away valuable time that should be spent focuses on their core business.

By working with PrinterWorks West and incorporating a Managed Print Services plan companies can avoid the above issues. Some benefits to Managed Print Services are as follows:

  1. Keep track of print devices and deploy to the right place – You are in control and are aware of every device on your contract. You can see firsthand and understand the volume that has been printing. This will allow you to see if the printer’s abilities correspond with the volume and operational needs of the user.
  2. Make better print environment decisions – If you decide to go with a managed print service provider you will be helping the environment. How? By choosing one vendor to take care of your MPS needs all your demands are dealt with by one party which results in less paper trail, no duplicates and better deployment of existing print fleet.
  3. Ability to see and manage print costs – Executing an appropriate solution can be beneficial when it comes to evaluating how much your business spends on printing. This will help you determine how much you can save by checking the monthly reports sent by your vendor.
  4. Consolidate print vendors and standardize print fleet – Concentrated purchasing practices result in fewer suppliers to manage and regulated print functionality and best practices across the company.
  5. Reduced IT support and overall management – Diminishes the need for employee engagement to support and oversee the print environment by eliminating supplies ordering tasks and helpdesk calls for print support.
  6. Create a paperless environment – With the proper solutions put into place companies can see a significant decrease in the quantity of pages being printed unnecessarily. This makes for a more efficient workforce, reduced costs, fewer duplications, and a more environmentally friendly office.
  7. Improve workflow and streamline business practices – With MPS in place all companies’ documents are carefully monitored and controlled that allows the staff to be more economical and improve print, workflow, and documents.
  8. Improved document control and document security – Your business will have full control over your documents. You can prevent unlawful entry to any or all your documents and network by creating a single security policy across the fleet. This solution will allow you to decide who has access to it and who does not.
  9. Live reporting - Within 24-hours customer service portal, you can view service and printer activity to manage your local and national printer fleet. Another way MPS grants you the ability to manage and track costs. 
  10. Ongoing quarterly account reviews - Once you have optimized and begun to manage your print environment, it’s time to review and evaluate the results, so you can explore further options and improvements to workflows and improve your business processes.  
  11. Automated supply fulfillment - Spend your time on what really matters, not on managing and ordering toner inventory. MPS software monitors toner levels. This means that when toner is low, MPS sends an automatic replacement in time to take its place.
  12. Increased device up time – Monitoring of your print devices allows for proactive service and maintenance increasing devices up time.

To gain the maximum results and benefits from Managed Print Services, it is crucial you find the right business partner to meet your every need. Allowing for a team to come to your location and performing a Managed Print Services analysis on your current fleet would best determine what options works for your business in the long run.

Reach out to a Managed Print Services (MPS) Professional to discuss your options and start your journey to an easier and happier work environment.

There are multiple printing devices you can choose. PrinterWorks West would recommend HP, Canon or Lexmark.