: Friday, 17 October 2014

6 Great iPad Apps That Allow You To Print Via Wireless

An iPad is a very convenient and useful tool because it allows people to do so many things on the go. For example, they can help you read ebooks, navigate the internet, play games, watch videos, enjoy quality video conferences and so on. Additionally, iPads can also print wirelessly these days, thanks to a few great applications that can be downloaded from App Store. This means that there is no need for a computer or a wire, users will simply have to download these apps, select their preferred documents and hit the print button. As a result, printing becomes hassle-free, a lot of time can be saved and users will also be more satisfied with their printing jobs.

Here are six apps that allow wireless printing from iPads.

1. Print n Share.

For just 5 dollars, iPad users can enjoy a wonderful printing app that is very easy to use and which has an intuitive interface as well. Print n Share allow users to print to any printer nearby, Cloud printing as well as 3G and 4G printing are possible and the users can also modify the documents before printing by setting margins, enable duplex printing, scaling and filling, choosing paper size and so on.

Additionally, Print n Share supports a wide variety of languages, has received good marks on the App Store already and it gives iPad users the possibility to print their PDFs, emails, documents, calendars, images, contacts, attachments, coupons, notes, clipboards, etc with little to no effort.

2. Printer Pro - print documents, photos, web pages and email attachments.

Another excellent application for wireless printing from iPads is Printing Pro. This app costs 7 dollars and just like the application presented above, it makes email printing, documents and images printing a lot easier. iPad users can print to any printer around them via Wi-Fi or USB connections and by just pressing a couple of buttons on the screen, Printer Pro can also print web pages as well. Another great advantage of this app is that it can be tried extensively before being purchased, so users can sample its features and advantages without spending a dime.

3. Print.

A simple application with a simple name, Print does exactly what it says. It allows users to print everything they have in their iPads with little to no effort. For example, they can print emails, PDFs, documents, pictures, contacts, address details and so on by just pressing the Print button that is attached to those files once the app is installed. Although the app is a little bit more expensive than the other 2 and it costs 10 dollars, it occupies less space in the memory of the iPad, it supports much more languages and it allows users to print from Box, DropBox, GoogleDrive and Safari as well.

4. Print Utility.

This application allows printing from any printer that supports AirPrint technology. It costs just 4 bucks, it is very easy to use and it allows iPad users to print their preferred documents with the speed of light. Aside from emails, PDFs and pictures, iPad users who download this app can also print maps, DropBox documents, Excel and PowerPoint documents web pages and many other files. Print Utility requires iOS 5.0 in order to be used and it is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

5. Print Pro.

Another excellent application in our list which costs just 2 dollars and which provides excellent printing possibilities. For example, it allows users to print photos from their albums, notes, email attachments, web pages and files from other applications wirelessly using any nearby printer. The main advantage of this app is that it is very easy to use and it also occupies very little space on the memory of the iPad.

6. Brother iPrint&Scan.o.

iPad users who don’t really want to spend money on printing apps should try Brother iPrint&Scan as this app is completely free to use. It allows wireless printing to any Brother printer nearby and it offers scanning features as well. For example, users can scan their preferred documents and then transfer them in digital format directly into their iPads, iPhones and iPods or directly to their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Also, if users want to print something, they just have to install this app and select the preferred documents, as no driver or additional software is require for wireless printing. The list of documents which can be printed by this app is impressive and include emails, maps, web pages, clipboard notes, pictures in various formats and so on.

All these are wonderful apps, but what if you don’t currently have a printer? Well, make sure that you contact our company today and select your preferred model as we sell a multitude of printers from different brands at reasonable prices. If you would like help, our specialists are more than glad to assist you in choosing a printer that suits your needs and preferences.