Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Easy Solutions To Common HP Printer Problems

We all know that HP printers are one of the most famous brands globally. As with all things in life, there might be situations where the printing devices show an issue during your usage. The following should assist you if your durable HP printer is not living up to its name.

Problem with the toner resulting in smears

Look at the toner cartridge. If you find it to be defective then go ahead and replace it. However, if visual inspection shows that there is toner laying inside the printer it means there has been a toner spill. Simply clean it out. The next option is a little trickier. A component (the fuser assembly) may require replacing. This occurs when it’s reached the end of its life or is simply defective. Replacement is best done by a qualified technician so call on your preferred maintenance company.

The most common printer problem – paper jams

Ensure that the paper you are using is within the specifications as outlined in the relevant user manual. If the paper is either too heavy or too light the result can be a jam. If this does not appear to be the problem then the scheduling of a preventative maintenance call should be considered. Explain this to your maintenance company as all it may require is the cleaning out of grime, dust or dirt. The final option is to have your maintenance company check the rollers. If worn they should be replaced.

Unacceptable printing of envelopes

This is more often than not a problem with the envelopes that are used for printing. The weight of the selected envelope’s paper should be close to 20lb (75g/m2) or jamming may result. The adhesive that is used to close the envelope should also be able to function within the high heat that is emitted by the fuser. If the envelope comes out and it is sealed then the envelope is outside of the specification. If, on the other hand, the paper is too stiff to properly clear the paper path a wrinkled envelope will be the result. Before throwing the envelopes away see if they exit normally if you simply open the rear end of the printer.

The printing appears faded

This may be caused by the toner running low in the cartridge. By redistributing the toner, (gently shaking it after removing the cartridge), one can often work around this problem. However, it merely provides temporary relief. A new toner cartridge must be installed. Also check to see if Economode has been left on. If so, turn it off. Lastly try having a look at what the print density is set to by running a self-test on the printer. Look at the settings and if need be increase the setting of the print density. If none of these fixed your problem the only way out may be to call your maintenance company.

There’s a ghost in the machine

When an unwanted lighter image of the normal one also prints it is either a faulty power outlet or the imaging kit (or drum) that needs to be replaced. Check the power outlet by plugging another printer into the wall. If another ghost appears call an electrician and have the problem corrected.