Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Why Use Managed Print Services?

Do you think you've omitted all of the unnecessary expenses out of your IT operations? If you've ignored your printing and imaging systems, you may be in for a surprise. Oftentimes - printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines can go under the budget radar – making it difficult for organizations to track how much they spend in hardware, toner, ink cartridges, machine management and paper over the course of the year. Add to this, that such equipment is usually paid for through numerous department budgets and well, how much is the organization truly spending on printing and imaging systems as a whole?

By turning to managed print service specialists, your company's printing environment gets an overhaul which ultimately allows you to save money, optimize your printing resources and relieve your IT department from service and support duties.

Stress free printing environment

Most managed print contracts begin with a service provider assessing the current state of your organizations printing infrastructure – giving you an idea of all the equipment that is in place and how much it costs the business. From there, they can provide their expertise regarding what machines are best suited for your organization – keeping in mind printing volumes, what kind of printing you require and also, what equipment is in use that is unnecessary and costing you more money than needed.

Managed print contracts include monitoring printing volumes so that your machines stay stocked with ink and toner. Also, they provide routine maintenance on equipment, fixing breakdowns that occur and thus reducing machine downtime. The fees cover the cost of acquiring new equipment, machine consumables and maintenance services – allowing you to go about your business.

Predictable Costs

Managed print services allow you to predict your printing costs so, if a machine goes down or requires replacing - your budget isn't taking an unexpected hit. Instead of having ink or toner cartridges sitting in stockrooms, unaccounted for – managed print services streamline the consumable accounts allowing you to fully see for where the money is being spent.

In addition, managed print services allow your IT department to do the work that they're supposed to do rather than troubleshooting printers around the office.

Consolidate Your Hardware

By rightsizing the print environment in your organization, you make the most of the technology that is available. During the assessment, managed print service specialists will let you know if there is hardware that is better suited to complete the printing tasks necessary for your business. With multi-function machines that print, scan, copy, and fax, you can save a ton in electricity bills by having one machine do the work of 4.

Managed print services allow you to gain control of your printing and imaging fleet, optimize printing operations, manage documents, document workflow and enhance your business processes – saving you time and saving you stress.