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As a service-based company, PrinterWorks West is here to provide prompt and competitive service for all your managed printing needs. We offer service for printers, copiers, scanners and plotters. Whether you're having a hardware or a software problem, we are the printer service professionals you can trust in Alberta. We will handle anything from broken printers to preventative maintenance on your entire printer fleet.

Why PrinterWorks West?

We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with. You have your own business and team to run, which is why our goal is to accommodate your organization's requirements. All while offering a convenient, one-stop supplier for all of your printing needs.

As part of our managed printing services, PrinterWorks West can offer everything you need from a printer company. Because of this, we can also consolidate everything into one manageable bill. Contact us for printing supplies like paper and toner, hardware, software and about any maintenance concerns.

PrinterWorks West also supplies Service Level Agreements nationwide, with convenient Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray locations. We offer remote field service and will come to your worksite to service your devices.

Our team is built from manufacturer-certified personnel and technicians. Being capable and responsive to service calls is one of the many reasons that set us apart from other printing services companies in Alberta.

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Fixing printers

Prompt repair

Dispatching technicians quickly

When your printer breaks down, we know it affects your workflow. If your staff can't print important documents that need to be signed, or students are unable to hand in printed assignments, it can have a big impact. Maybe you have an essential scan that has to be out at a specific time, and with the printer down, you could risk missing that deadline. Whatever the case may be, we want to get you back to operational as quickly as possible.

Your business is as important to us as our own, which is why we always aim to get a print service technician to you promptly. The sooner we can respond, we know it means the faster we'll be able to minimize your printer fleet's downtime. You can trust our team of certified technicians to handle your repair quickly and professionally.

Whether your printer has a software or a hardware issue, our team is qualified to handle it. With manufacturer-specific training, our technicians can quickly get to the root of the problem to diagnose potential repairs.

We make printers our business and are partnered with many leading manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard, Canon and Lexmark. No matter how big your fleet is, PrinterWorks West will help repair your malfunctioning or broken commercial printers, scanners and copiers.

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Remote Field Service

servicing all of alberta

PrinterWorks West coverage is available in remote areas, including Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie. Finding service technicians who will come to a remote location is challenging enough. When you need your printer serviced, the last thing you need is to struggle to find a technician. With PrinterWorks West, we're here to help all Alberta businesses, even those more off the grid than others. Our Remote Field Services site fee is based on the number of devices on your worksite, along with the frequency of visits.

Our proactive field support is here to help you minimize the downtime of your printing and copying devices. We also offer an improved user experience, keeping your devices working the way they're supposed to. Well maintained printing devices will print quality documents, and all of your scans will be crisp and clear.

In addition to keeping your fleet operational, PrinterWorks West will also create a regular, proactive maintenance schedule. Not only that, but we will also look at how often you need more supplies like toner and paper and ensure you always have it delivered to your worksite when you need it.

Trust in our certified, capable and responsive service technicians to provide prompt and competitive service on your printers, copiers, scanners and plotters. Allow PrinterWorks West to be your trusted printing advisor.

Our remote field Services
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We take care of it all

PrinterWorks West offers service contracts to our clients. You shouldn't have to worry about reaching out for your next service or more print supplies.

With our service contract, we take care of it for you. It is our way of giving you peace of mind that your printers will be serviced regularly. All you have to do is set up the service frequency and relax, knowing your printers and copiers are taken care of.

When your organization owns a large printer fleet, finding a service technician when an emergency happens can be challenging. With PrinterWorks West's service contracts, you can relax knowing that we are handling it, keeping your device downtime to a minimum.

Preventative maintenance

There is no way to guarantee that your printer will never break down, but you can limit the overall downtime you experience by doing preventative maintenance. PrinterWorks West is here to help you keep your printer fleet working well, running smoothly, and minimize the risk of your fleet breaking down.

Our maintenance includes cleaning the glass within your printer, ensuring the internal parts are functional and maintained, and replacing anything that isn't working correctly. PrinterWorks West also handles software maintenance, which is important to keep your device working properly.

As with any equipment, the best way to keep it operating optimally is with regular maintenance. Not just of the hardware itself, but also software updates as they become available. When you contract PrinterWorks West, you can trust that our team of certified technicians will keep your fleet running to the best of its capabilities.

Contact us today to see how we can help service and maintain your printer and copier fleet.

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Satisfied Commercial Clients

Sarah Gilmet
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings

Hands down the best service and managed print rates. My start up business was able to save $20,000.00 over last 3 years.

Cynthia Mc
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings

I now have TWO HP printers working in my home office. They were very easy to set up and came delivered at a cost better then Staples!

Judy Carter
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings

OMG amazing, ordered a desktop printer at 11:00 am and it was installed and running by 2:00 pm. It does not get any better than that.

Sandra Lifely
Google My Business 5 Star Ratings

This company has the full package, it has excellent customer service before and after sales, friendly staff who would look after you right to the finish.