The Core Aspects of MPS are defined as:

  1. Management information with consolidated billing
  2. Proactive maintenance of the equipment fleet
  3. Ongoing optimisation of the environment

Benefits Of MPS

  • Cut printing costs
  • Extend the life of document output devices
  • Optimize device placements
  • Consolidate your billing and administration
  • Transparently view the costs associated with each device
  • Fix problems before they occur
  • Increase uptime with a healthier fleet

Do You Know the Answers to these Questions?

  • How many printers/copiers/fax machines do you have?
  • Are they being used at or near capacity?
  • How often are they out of service?
  • How old are they?
  • How much money do you spend on printing?

The Advantages of PrinterWorks West Managed Document Services (MDS)

Most organizations do not really know the true cost of document production across their enterprise. They may have some well-constructed data on certain subsets of documents, such as high-volume transactional documents produced in their data centers, or marketing collateral that is outsourced to agencies. Still, there is no single category or line item in the budget that captures the costs associated with personal or departmental communication devices such as personal printers, workgroup printers, scanners and fax machines.

The acquisition costs, maintenance, consumables and support for these devices are scattered among cost centers and departments throughout the company. The departmental budgets in turn do not typically segment the expenses associated with printing. They are hidden in catch-all expense items like "Supplies" or "Office Equipment." In fact, corporate profit and loss statements do not contain a line item for imaging equipment and operating cost. Thus, these costs remain largely unmanaged and out of control. A PrinterWorks West, a MDS project can bring the extent of the device fleet, equipment locations and the total cost of ownership into light. Many companies are stunned to find that the ratio of employees to devices can be 3:1 or even lower.

Report by IT industry analyst Gartner Group:

The savings by 'right-sizing' fleets of output equipment are staggering

Print fleets can cost an enterprise between 1 and 3% of revenues

Firms that actively manage their printer fleets can save up to 30% of printing costs

Successful PrinterWorks West MDS implementations normally go through these three stages:

Stage 1 - Gain control of the imaging fleet

Stage 2 - Optimize the fleet, and keep it optimized

Stage 3 - Document management, document workflow and enhance business processes

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