Friday, 01 May 2020

An opportune time to consider inventory management

Printerworks is a leading inventory management provider. In this time of work slow downs due to the pandemic, it could be a good opportunity to consider your Calgary office printing needs. By reviewing past office printer, fax, and copier usage, we could supply your Calgary business with more cost-effective solutions and save you money and time.

Printerworks, we can design our services to meet your specific needs — from inkjet cartridges to laser toner cartridges, we carry most OEM (original equipment manufacturer) printer and copier supplies. If we don’t have it in stock, we can easily it’s order it for you.

Our customers benefit from our ability to provide you with printer supply stock quickly. You no longer need to manage your printer, copier and fax supply inventory. These supplies are available when your Calgary office needs them.

Through inventory management, your business will now always have stock on hand reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Our inventory Management Program offers a comprehensive package If your office has 10 or more printers — including free pick-up and recycling of used toner and ink cartridges. You will have a regular service technician who is familiar with your business print environment and will be able to provide suggestions on how to improve productivity and cut down on printing costs.

Our Inventory Management Specialists can visit your office on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to assess what supplies are needed. This helps to assess your business’ average consumption of printer supplies and the ongoing requirements for supplies. The program can also be adjusted as your supply needs change due to growth or reduction in staff or if you implement greener policies.

How does it work?

Supplies are delivered to your office and then stored in your office’s designated stock area by Printerworks staff. Not only do you save on costs, but downtime is minimized and productivity increased by having us manage your supply inventory.

Managed Print Services are also available for proactive maintenance of your printing equipment fleet and ongoing optimization of your office print environment.

At PrinterWorks West, we offer a wide range of software and hardware solutions that help our clients meet all their office needs through one provider. With access to multiple manufacturers, we offer the best solutions for your business.

To speak with one of our inventory management or managed print service specialists today, contact us now.